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How do I respond to an ad? How do I post an ad?
Seller's Guide

Answers to most Frequent Asked Questions.

Placing an ad

-How long does an Ad run?
You have a choice of 30, 90, 180 and 365 days, with your costs per day going down the longer you place your ad for. If you sell your item you can at any time close your Ad.
-How can I place an Ad?
You Register choosing as an Individual or Business and then login. Choose from seven options:
1-General Ads, 2-Real Estate/Rent, 3-Real Estate/Sale, 4-Real Estate/Commercial, 5-Personals, 6-Jobs & Education, and 7- Vehicles. Then you choose the category you want it on, write all information, with Title of the Ad which should be the item, brand, ( make, model & year) name of service or user's best qualities if a Personals Ad. offers an itemized list of your Ad's qualities for viewers to see in a glance what they are, so users don't have to enter tedious long texts trying to find what the Ad offers. The Description should explain everything important that identifies your item for sale, service, job, school or person in the Ad, then choose from all the options to attract more attention to your Ad, pick a photo to upload and click to finish. You'll be taken to a page to pay with your credit card or PayPal. If it's a Free Ad then the last step is skipped. Very easy and convenient.
-How can I close down my Ad?
You login and click on the Manage My Ads link at the MENU OPTIONS in the blue bar in any page. There follow the instructions.
-Can I renew my Ad even if I closed it down before?
Yes you can, just go to link "manage my Ads" in the MENU OPTIONS at the blue bar and once in the page choose the link to see all your old ads and reactivate any Ad you choose.
-After placing my Ad, can I change anything in it or add more photos?
Yes you can, that's what is so convenient with, you can change anything you want by going to link Manage My Ads at the MENU OPTIONS at the blue bar in any page.
-If I close my Ad before it's period expires, may I get any money back?
No. Ad prices go down the longer the exposure period, but you can't prorate its cost once placing them. Choose wisely the period that best suits your purpose.
-I advertise a Garage Sale so why do I need to get a 30 day Ad period? is free for 30 days. After you finish with your sale, go to Manage MY Ads link and close it.
-Why my Photo doesn't upload?
+Make sure your photo is a GIF, JPG or PNG file
+Disable any Pop Up suppressing program in your computer
+Have cookies enabled in your computer
+Image is too Large. We take 580 Wide X 480 High Pixels. Our system can reduce most to the right size but yours is perhaps too large. So reduce it with the correct software
-What to do when an indecent, illegal, Text or Image is in an Ad?
While we try to be observant of all activity in the site, it's everyones duty to make sure we have a clean, safe and pleasant experience in, so all users are asked to immediately let the administration know of ANY improprieties you encounter. To find the CONTACT US link please go to the MENU OPTIONS at the Blue Bar in any page and scroll down to find it.
The person registered is Charged a Penalty of $500.00 dollars (see User's Agreement), by PayPal according to their contract with the member, is banned for life from the site and the information is then passed on to the authorities.
In order to expedite the instant placement of Ads we run the risk of someone misusing the system. That's why it's so important users register their accurate personal information in the Registration Form when joining, in order to bring accountability to those responsible. checks the accuracy of that information and when found it inaccurate the user is banned. Your personal information is safe and used solely for the security of users, our own purposes, and it's not sold or divulged to anyone else.